RISE is a graffiti-style brand of flavored water targeting millennials and the graffiti and hip hop style demographic. RISE, which comes in clear bottles featuring graffiti artwork, donates half of their profits to Off The Wall, A non-profit graffiti artist space for youth. RISE uses water that has been fortified or enhanced – also known as“functional water” – an sector that makes up an estimated 11% of the $19.8bn dollar bottled water industry.
The RISE identity combines the graffit style font Philly San with an arrow incorporated in the ‘I.’ The arrow ties the logo into tagging culture, while serving as a metaphor for ‘rising,’ Each variety uses a vibrant color that fills the logotype, bottle cap, and a custom illustration of the main flavor. The bottle design is reminiscent of spray paint cans used in the creation of graffiti artwork.
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